What is Green Architecture?

Thoresen & Linard, Architecture is proud to offer our excellent green architecture options. Our commitment to superior client support allows us to provide you with the highest quality green and sustainable architecture. Our professionally trained staff has nearly 40 years of green architecture knowledge and expertise. We look forward to helping your with your next project.

Green architecture is a construction method and philosophy that seeks to use only the most environmentally friendly materials within a building's foundation and structure. Green architecture describes how efficiently a building uses natural resources. These uses include low water volume plumbing, earth-friendly lighting and low-energy or solar energy based heating and cooling components. Using natural and recycled materials instead of harmful cleaning chemicals and pollutants are a couple of aspects in "green construction." 

We understand how important sustainable architecture is for your property as well as the environment. with climate change becoming more apparent, it is necessary to increase energy efficiency wherever and whenever possible. Recycling and cutting down on fossil fuel consumption are two excellent ways to start. We want to take that a step further by ensuring your entire building or property is environmentally sound.

Thoresen & Linard is an industry expert on green and sustainable architecture and design. With many years of building design experience, we are prepared for any architectural work. We always develop and execute ways to decrease waste and excess energy consumption while helping you plan any project.  

If you have questions about our green architecture & design background, please call us at 212-608-1599 or send us an email.