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Since 1981, New York architecture firm Thoresen & Linard has provided architectural services and site planning for commercial, residential, institutional, retail, educational and corporate clients. Our award-winning portfolio includes new construction, renovation, historic preservation, as well as green architecture / sustainable architecture, adaptive reuse, zoning analysis, ADA compliance and interior design.

We never approach a commission with predetermined solutions, preconceived styles or "canned" designs. Every commercial architecture or residential architecture project--no matter how complex--starts with the client's vision and is shaped by their individual needs. This is how we achieve the top-quality workmanship you expect from a top commercial architect, residential architect, educational architect, restoration architect, retail architect, institutional architect or interior design architect in demanding markets like New York City, Long Island, the Hamptons and New Jersey.

Being a small New York City architecture firm, we are able to successfully execute diverse projects through continuous personal attention, close communication with the principals, and the dedication of our staff and consultants. All share pride in the quality of service we provide and the caliber of work we produce--within budget and on schedule.

Central to our success is the depth of experience of the principal architects, whose accomplishments include a variety of noteworthy and award-winning projects of national and international notoriety. Experience gives the architects of Thoresen & Linard the ability to generate effective design solutions while anticipating and avoiding problems. The result is a well-managed project and the finest architectural services in NYC as well as throughout New York, New Jersey and the entire Northeast.

Thoresen & Linard is skilled in the environmentally conscious design techniques that are in demand today. "Green" architecture (or "sustainable" architecture) seeks to minimize the impact of buildings on the environment. Our green architecture projects incorporate environmentally responsible materials and are constructed to minimize waste, energy consumption and pollution.
If sustainability is important to your project, Thoresen & Linard is the green architect for you.

Thoresen & Linard, New York Architecture Firm
Specialists in Historic Preservation, Historic Restoration, Landmarks Restoration

• Residential Architect
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Commercial Architect, Residential Architect, Institutional Architect, Historic Preservation Architect


What kinds of architectural services does Thoresen & Linard offer?

Clients consult Thoresen & Linard when they need the finest commercial architect, residential architect, institutional architect, educational architect, retail architect, landmarks architect or interior design architect in Manhattan. We serve New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and the entire Northeast from our Manhattan headquarters.

Our projects span commercial structures, retail buildings, medical and educational institutions and prestigious residences in Manhattan, Brooklyn and all the boroughs of NYC, as well as Westchester and Long Island, including the Hamptons—wherever a fine architect is required.

We handle new construction as well as renovation, restoration, historic preservation, landmarks preservation, adaptive reuse, and retrofitting for building code compliance and ADA compliance. We feature green architecture and sustainable architecture services. Site planning is also among our offerings as well as zoning analysis. In addition to complete building design and exterior renovation, Thoresen & Linard are renowned interior architects in New York, skilled in transforming building interiors for design purposes or new uses.

What kinds of projects is Thoresen & Linard known for?

Our commercial architecture projects include corporate and retail facilities. Residential architecture designs include single-family and multi-family dwellings. Institutional architecture clients include health facilities and educational buildings. Thoresen & Linard's work can be seen around Manhattan and other locations in NYC, as well as on Long Island and in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

We have a large and varied portfolio of projects ranging from renovating historic mansions to converting landmark buildings to designing a high-tech studio to planning a major residential development. We are specialists in historic renovation. We are also in demand for green architecture / sustainable architecture projects. We are frequently consulted for projects requiring a top-caliber New York City retail architect, interior design architect, restoration architect and ADA compliance architect. You can browse our list of projects by navigating to the appropriate category from the menu on the left or visiting Architecture Projects.

How long have you been operating?

New York architect Thoresen & Linard has been providing architecture, site planning and historic preservation services from its Manhattan office since 1981. Our projects include renovation, historic restoration, historic preservation, new construction, planning, zoning and interior design as well as ADA compliance and green architecture / sustainable architecture. Read more about the New York architects who founded the firm.

What do you mean by Green Architecture or Sustainable Architecture?

Green architecture and sustainable architecture are terms that describe environmentally conscious design choices—for example, choosing building materials made from easily renewable resources like bamboo, using locally produced construction materials to minimize transportation emissions, using high-efficiency insulation to reduce heating energy, and incorporating recycled materials like composite decking products.

Can you assist with ADA compliance?

We are an ADA compliance architect and the only architect you'll need for building code compliance. We are skilled in retrofitting your existing facilities to comply with all local ordinances as well as to meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In designs for new construction, we assure ADA compliance and building code adherence. As a foremost commercial architect, institutional architect and retail architect in New York and New Jersey, you can be assured that our designs meet or exceed regulations.

What can your New York architecture firm do for my project?

As a small group of highly experienced NYC architects, we can provide you with the personal attention your architecture project deserves. We do not offer "canned" designs; our solutions are based on the needs and vision of the individual client.

Are you interior architects also?

Yes, Thoresen & Linard is counted among Manhattan's most accomplished interior design architects, creating and planning the form of interior spaces throughout New York City, Long Island, the Hamptons, New Jersey and Connecticut and elsewhere in the Northeast.

Thoresen & Linard, Architect, NYC

Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn and all other boroughs of New York City,
as well as Westchester and Long Island, including the Hamptons.
Also serving New Jersey, Connecticut and elsewhere in the Northeast.

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