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Historic restoration architects bring new purpose and function to historic buildings through a number of restoration techniques and renewal strategies. New York Architects Thoresen & Linard are specialists in historic restoration, historic preservation and landmarks architecture. We serve clients throughout Manhattan and the NYC area. Keeping the historic landmarks of the city is good order is a service we proudly perform.

The New Church
Manhattan, NY
Historic Restoration / Historic Preservation

Client: The New York New Church
Size: 5,000 SF

The Church is located in the Murray Hill Historic District of NYC. It was originally built for the Swedenborg Congregation in 1858 and expanded in 1866 and 1901. The building was substantially renovated to make it a wedding venue and theater, while still preserving the worship space. The structure was modernized and made energy efficient; an elevator and central air conditioning were inserted as inconspicuously as possible.

A library, Minister's office and pantry were installed on the former organ balcony and below it an administrative office, bride's room and ADA toilet. Leaded glass windows were restored and interior storm windows installed. Outside the garden was redesigned with new planting, seating and a fountain to make it welcoming to the neighborhood. A handicapped accessible ramp was installed.

Awards: Award of Excellence from the Preservation and Design Committee of the Murray Hill Neighborhood Association.
Historic Restoration Architect ManhattanHistoric Preservation Architect Manhattan

Briarcliff Manor, New York
Historic Restoration / Historic Preservation

Site = 34 acres
New Construction = 81,000 S.F.
Old House = 14,000 S.F.

An historic mansion dating from 1790 on a park-like estate overlooking the Hudson River was renovated as three luxurious residences. 34 new townhouses were carefully sited on the property. Great attention was paid to preserving and enhancing the magnificent plantings of the existing landscape. The library and many of the original garden structures were restored or reconstructed. The estate is within an historic district.


  • Beechwood received an award for Excellence in Design from the A.I.A (Mid-Hudson Chapter)
  • Certificate of Merit from the Westchester Municipal Planning Federation
Landmarks Restoration Architect

Restoration Architect Manhattan


490 West End Avenue
Manhattan, New York
Historic Restoration / Historic Preservation

Size: 6,600 S.F.

Rehabilitation of the public spaces in a thirteen story, Edwardian period, apartment building in NYC required close communication with the Building Beautification Committee and attention to the opinions and wishes of the residents at every phase of the project. Work included a new, automated elevator and entry system, new lighting throughout, repair of existing mouldings, re-plastering and painting employing a number of techniques, and the design of a new doorman's desk and a metal and glass canopy at the street entrance.

Landmarks Restoration Architect



Southampton, Long Island, New York

Historic Restoration / Historic Preservation

Size: 52,800 S.F.

An estate, originally designed by McKim, Mead, and White, was restored and adapted to modern use as condominiums. The mansion was converted into five residences, and twenty-four new townhouses were located around a formal garden. The principal rooms of the old house were retained.and restored, including a magnificent music room  for use by all the residents.

The new buildings, while contemporary in expression, were designed to be compatible with the old house in character, materials, and scale. The estate is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Awards: Whitefield received a Special Citation from New York State for Historic Preservation and from Beaux Arts ’86 for Excellence in Design.

 Long Island Restoration Architect
Restoration Architect Manhattan


120 West 88th Street
New York City, New York

Historic Restoration / Historic Preservation

Client: Dr. Bruce Cranstein

The job consisted of the complete residential renovation and restoration of the facade of a brownstone townhouse in a Landmark District on the Upper Westside of Manhattan and a small addition on the rear. The house was constructed as part of a Queen Anne style row in 1888.

The brownstone stoop, which had been removed, had to be completely reconstructed to match the original. The facade work included the removal of paint, re-pointing and restoring the masonry, replacing the front door and windows to meet the criteria of the Landmarks Preservation Commission.
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