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Institutional architecture involves the design, planning or renovation of hospitals, community centers, museums, houses of worship, schools, universities, and other educational institutions or organizations dedicated to public service or culture. As one of Manhattan's most accomplished institutional architects, Thoresen & Linard has designed these fine institutions and more:


Broadcasting Sound Studio
Manhattan, New York City
Institutional Architecture

Client: American Jewish Committee
Size: 700 SF

The client wanted to insert a state of the art, soundproof broadcasting studio into an existing office building. The facility consists of a Control Room and a live Recording Room with a large window between them. In order to make the spaces soundproof from each other and from the rest of the building, they had to be floated with double insulated walls, ceiling and floor, which is on neoprene pads to isolate it from the structure of the building. The A/C system is designed to minimize sound. The building is LEED certified.


American Indian Community House
Manhattan, New York City
Institutional Architecture

Client: American Indian Community House, Inc.
Size: 16,000 S.F.

Renovation of a 16,000 S.F. industrial loft space for use as a community center for Native Americans. The program included administrative offices, a day care center, facilities for health services, job counseling and other social services, a theater, art gallery, and multi-purpose ceremonial space.


The client wanted a warm open space evocative of traditional tribal settlements where members of the community could feel part of a large family, yet the various  functions would remain separate. Geometric forms, typically found in Indian architecture were employed, contrasting with the cast iron columns of the loft. The project was successfully completed within an extremely tight budget and time schedule.


Nurses Residence
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Brooklyn, New York

Institutional Architecture

Client: State University of N.Y.
Size: 124,000 S.F.

Six story apartment house built in the early 1920's and having experienced deterioration of its exterior envelope, particularly window lintels, masonry cracks, parapet disintegration, wear of roof, rusting skylights and fire escapes. Remedial work consisted of lintel replacement, masonry re-pointing, encasement of parapet with new fiberglass cornice of an historically appropriate design, replacement of roof with new EPD Membrane, cleaning and painting of skylights and fire escapes. A carefully detailed exterior EIFS system was installed to increase insulation and improve the appearance of the building.



University Hospital Building
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Brooklyn, New York

Institutional Architecture

Client: State University of New York
Size: 511,000 S.F.

The University Hospital Building was built in 1969. It is nine stories high and occupies an entire city block. It is constructed of precast concrete panels that form a regular grid on the elevations. We were asked to weatherproof the entire exterior envelope, including new modified bitumen roofs, power washing the precast to remove 40 years of grime, resealing all joints and replacing over 1500 windows with energy efficient triple glazed low-E units.



New York University
Manhattan, NYC

Institutional Architecture

This project is one of a number of  renovations we have undertaken for NYU. It involved installing new turnstiles in 15 of NYU's residential buildings, and new guards' desks in five buildings. In two cases, the lobbies were completely renovated. The turnstiles allow students to enter and leave buildings by swiping a card instead of signing in at the guard's desk. The project was successfully completed in a very tight schedule.


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